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Mechanical and electrical propulsion

Industrial electric furnace dual push plate:

(1)  Furnace equipped with a fully automatic loop conveyor systems, including hydraulic systems, propulsion machinery and electrical control cabinet. Kiln main propulsion thrust plate stove can slow pace of industrial progress, quickly returned to the main propulsion thrusters can continuously variable speed slow speed within the range specified. A circular route from the main propulsion into the A channel, A to B channel cross channel mouth, fed by the main propulsion B B channel, B-channel A channel cross into the furnace mouth. Composed of four parts, PLC control with overload protection unloading system, so running more secure, and reliable.

(2)  Moved into the kiln single board reverse movement.

(3)  Each block is moved into the board to allow load ≥ 15 kg.

(4)  Furnace conveyor system can be switched to manual or automatic work. Time relay control board automatically advance work cycle.

(5)  Hydraulic pressure pipe installation location to promote circulation in the lower rails, and external vertical mounting rails.

(6)  Common push plate speed: 1000mm / h (as acceptance condition).

(7)  Push plate adjustable speed range: 400 ~ 1200mm / h

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