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Precautions when using the new oil

The main component of industrial furnace are: industrial furnace masonry, industrial furnace exhaust systems, industrial furnace preheater and industrial furnaces burning devices. Today to introduce you to the precautions industrial furnace quenching oil when using the new oil.

Before checking into the new oil must be carefully cleaned up the quenching tank, cooling system and storage tank. Residual water, sludge and other waste should be cleaned. If it is to improve the new oil tank in the old system, should also be put on the oil quench tank and the tank wall above Oil in various frameworks eradicate clean. If the original diesel and sludge mixed with new oil, not only affects the brightness of the oil can also change the cooling characteristics of the oil. Therefore, do clean-up work should more thoroughly than those using the new tank.

After the entire tank filled with new oil, generally should not be immediately used for quenching. Quenching oil production, transportation and dumping process, always bring a small amount of air. Quenching in oil and dissolved air bubbles are dispersed to reduce the cooling rate of quenching oil high temperature phase; should be removed. The solubility of the gas in the oil is reduced with the increase of the oil temperature. Improve industrial furnace oil to reduce the viscosity of the oil and is conducive to bubbles float. Therefore, the approach can be used to enhance oil to remove the new oil gas. Low viscosity cold oil, oil ships now Yu Y15 series of oil temperature 80 ℃, heat cycle two to three days. High-viscosity oil, now Yu Y35 series hot oil, the oil must be heated to about 120 ℃ to 140 ℃ heat cycle three to five days.

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