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Comparison of others

Industrial furnace is a high-temperature industrial furnace equipment,which in close contact with fuel, gas, electricity, dust, etc. together,prone to fires,burns, explosions, accidents, poisoning, electric shock.Therefore, compared with the general cold industrial furnace equipment,much more insecurity.

In general , high temperature industrial furnace operation prone to burns, burns and burns ; temperature molten salt and molten metal will explode after encountering water ; gas and controlled atmosphere is explosive gas , oil , fuel and oil tanks are explosive facilities , such as improper use , it will explode and poisoning accidents ; safety devices malfunctioning furnace , electric shock can occur after exposure ; cyanide is highly toxic cyanide furnace ; nitrate furnace heated to above 550 ℃ will produce spontaneous combustion ; nitrate and charcoal , carbon compounds will happen after the explosion .Poor industrial furnace repair environment, many repair jobs in the furnace , space is very crowded, inadequate natural lighting , ventilation is poor. Workers infringed not only by dust during operation , sometimes directly affected by the high temperature , smoke , toxic gases and corrosive chemical materials . Some furnaces ( eg cupola ) up to 10m-20m, due to the narrow spot furnace body repair work was altitude interchange , multi- task , great danger . Therefore, when the operation and maintenance of industrial furnaces , to attach great importance to security issues. Especially in the organization of industrial furnaces , to attach great importance to security issues. Especially when tissue repair or hot industrial furnace repair , but should pay attention to these unfortunate incidents of insecurity that may arise .

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