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Construction time Features

Industrial furnace lining energy saving: the use of high-quality long fiber blanket material puncture, made using special equipment module specifications, and in the process leaving a certain amount of compression module to ensure that the masonry is completed, in each block of ceramic fiber expansion in different directions, so that interoperability between modules without reshaping IM, overall, to achieve good heat storage effect, and quick and easy application of the product, can be directly fixed on stainless steel furnace shell anchor round nailed compared with other products advantage is heating up fast, low thermal conductivity, heat capacity, excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance, insulation resistance, this lining maintenance is very convenient, Ruoyin mechanical collision damage, as long as local repair can be used. such lining also has easy installation, construction time is short features.

Energy-saving electrical control systems: industrial furnace using SCR or solid state relays, intelligent temperature furnace heating zone for continuous adjustment of the PID control, temperature control accuracy has changed the old resistance furnace control systems using a contactor.

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